Questions to ask an electrician in Bristol before hiring them


Household Electrics and appliances have earned the status of an essential requirement in our lives. Electricity has certainly made our life easy, and life becomes tough when it stops working!

Systems frying, ancient wirings, blown fuse, faulty power points, are a few electrical problems we come across more often than not. During this time of need, finding a good electrician becomes very essential.

How do you determine if the electrician is fit for the job?

Finding a qualified electrician with proper skills is as important as buying a new appliance. We need to look into several factors like qualification, license, cost, time as well as guarantee/warranty. If you are wondering what the local electrician in Bristol. Just because he is close to your place, easily available and charges less doesn’t necessarily mean he is the perfect fit.

Electrical systems are complex and so are the problems associated with them. So next time you opt for a technician or electrician make sure to ask these question.

Are you qualified?

It is very important for any technician to be legit before operating and they should be registered to one of these electrical bodies. The most common ones are national inspection council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) and Electrical Contractors Association (ECA)

This question is a ‘must-ask’ for finding a good electrician.

What is your job experience?

Electricians go through training and certifications in order to get licensed. Minimum hours of practice is necessary to qualify. Similar to many contractors, electricians may specialise in one category or the other. So it becomes very vital to know whether the technician has relevant experience to handle your case properly.

Do you have insurance?

This is one of the most crucial questions to ask because accidents don’t come with warnings. Although the contractors follow utmost precautions and proper practices, it is always good to know. Insurance will not only cover any mishap for the electrician but also will protect you as a consumer. Combined with a qualification and insurances justify that the electrician on the job is the most suitable for your requirement and also covers you financially.

How much will the job cost?

A professional and trustworthy electrician will provide a rough estimate even before diagnosing the problem in detail. Although the costing may vary a little there is no significant difference. This will allow you to compare the quotes from multiple contractors and gauge the honesty of the chosen technician. Always remember to ask for a breakdown of the estimate if the offer seems overpriced.

Do you have hourly rates?

Investing smartly on a good technician can save money, time and ensure safety. Not all technicians work at the same pace; hence if the electrician assures the completion in a short time then never forget to ask for hourly billing. In some cases, the quickest job isn’t necessarily the best. Some jobs take time and quality of finishing. So it won’t be fair to rush the electrician with the constraints of time and money. Negotiate a decent pricing upfront and pay once the work is completed. This ensures fair pricing regardless of the duration of the work.

Who will perform the work?

Before hiring an electrician, find out who is allotted to show up for work. The qualification of the representative and his experience matters as they should be well prepared for the job at hand. The owner of the institution may send an apprentice to work without supervision which may not result in satisfactory outputs.

Also be very sure on the headcount of the contractors on the job. Any unnecessary inclusions will end up adding to your final bill, so be very sure to the check the number of hands on deck!

Do you provide a warranty/guarantee?

Problems can reoccur even when the work is done by the best electricians. It often becomes a deal breaker in many cases as contractors refrain from providing follow-up or after sale benefits. Will the come back until it is fixed?

On the other hand, reputed ones have warranty covers on certain services. Make sure to inquire about warranty and guarantee covers on labour, spares, and parts.

Finding a good electrician for a household is as valuable as a doctor or mechanic. Needless to say how important they are for maintenance and repairs. Make sure to inquire all the important facts before finding a good electrician. And ideally, the one you hire now will become a go-to resource for emergency calls or future projects.

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